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Welcome to TeamWolfWithLove!

We’re a blog dedicated to making the amazingly talented cast of Teen Wolf aware of how much we love and appreciate them and, by extension, their characters and the show.

How Will We Do This? 

TeamWolfWithLove will host a character week every week starting from September 23rd through the 22nd of December. Everything from artwork to graphics, to metas to edits, will be accepted during these character weeks. 

What Then?

Then the fanworks will be collected together and voted on by our judges. The final fanworks will be formatted and bound in a book which will be given to the cast. After the book is sent, it will be published online for everyone to see and enjoy.

What About You?

We would like to stress that you are just as much apart of this project as we are. Your contributions, whether that be a submission or a donationwill be accredited to you in the book at your request. This book is not just about the cast and the characters, but also the fandom as a whole coming together and letting the cast know how much we love them and this show.

If you have questions about us, the book, or just want to say hi, our ask box is always open! 
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Scott McCall is such a bad person wow can you believe that guy I compiled a list of some times he was terrible

  1. let his ice cream melt helping an old woman cross the street and then listened to stories about her grandkids
  2. baked too many cookies for a donation drive. they already had enough cookies
  3. skipped a question on a Scantron test and had to go back and erase like 4 bubbles
  4. one time made a cashier break a $20 for a pack of gum
  5. forgot to do an assignment because he was exhausted from cleaning the whole house for his mom the day before because she had a hard day at work

feel free to reblog and add your own Scott McCall is a menace to society spread awareness!!!


21 wolf street

"You don’t think I’d have a chance against you?"



Originally a medieval French nickname for Alis (the historical form of Alice), Allison, to mean ‘little Alice’, carries various Norman French and Germanic meanings. Alice is derived from the Greek aletheia, meaning ‘truth’, thus Allison shares this meaning, and also possesses the Germanic meaning of ‘of noble kind’.